Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting from 17.00 till 20.00 we serve an aperitivo-set of white wine and special antipasti. To make it even more attractive, we are offering two options – Aperitivo di Napoli and Aperitivo di Milano. Aperitivo of Naples includes regional wine and gastronomy, white Falanghina from Campagna and Neapolitan antipasti fritturina all’Italiana (arancini, zeppoline and crocette). Aperitivo of Milano is more cosmopolitan and solemn – Prosecco DOC Treviso from Soligo and assorted bruschette. Aperitivo-set for two is UAH 199.

Well, it’s Napoli vs. Milano. Bring friends and choose together!

Were you aware that citizens of Naples prefer a little sweet for the breakfast?

It means that on weekdays from 08.00 to 11.00 at Viva Oliva NAPOLETANA in addition to a homemade yogurt with granola, syrniki (cottage-cheese pancakes), choice of egg dishes, you can enjoy traditional Neapolitan brioches with orange zest, cornetto and graffi (bombe all’italiana, as they are called in Naples) baked every morning by Mario Siani. With a cup of cappuccino or café latte… well, it’s definitely not about skinny desserts, but so much about satisfaction, pleasure and cheerfulness, known as the Italian thing. By the way, if you walk two or three quarters through the morning city to your office, you call your conscience clear.

Now we serve breakfasts at Viva Oliva NAPOLETANA

Morning toasts with butter and homemade jam, yogurt with granola, syrniki (cottage-cheese pancakes), eggs Florentine or poached eggs with prosciutto and asparagus… Don’t forget the traditional torta della nonna (custard pie) in case you would prefer a sweet breakfast of a real southern Italian. Weekdays from 08.00 to 11.00.

The 9th of October Viva Oliva NAPOLETANA has opened its doors at 16, Pushkinska St.

We have a new name as a tribute to an Italian olive variety, a new team of passionarians for Italian gastronomic tradition, a new chef – a man of Naples, Maestro della Pizza Napoletana, Mario Siani, a new wood stove of our friend, Neapolitan Stefano Ferrara, a new menu with a real pizza Neapoletana, homemade pasta, and authentic Italian desserts. Pizza, pasta, dolci – all and everything is per passione!

Please use the following phone number for expressing your congratulations and place table reservations: 044 244 90 15.